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Laser writer Heidelberg µPG is a direct write mask-less lithography system that utilises UV laser
beam to selectively expose samples in regions of interest.

  • The µPG101 system hosted in the ISSP UL cleanroom is equipped with a 375 nm UV light source, which has a maximum intensity of 70 mW and a write speed of 5 mm2/min. 
  • The alignment tolerance specified on the tool is 200 nm (3σ value) with 120 nm edge roughness. 
  • The maximum writeable area is 90x90 mm as defined by the write head used. 
  • The write head also defines the feature size, which is defined as sub-1µm in the current set up.
Tool name:
Laser writer Heidelberg µPG
CLR - 123
Heidelberg Instruments
µPG 101
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