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Transparent films/photoresist thickness, thin- and thick-film measurements, roughness studies, surface quality and defect review and etc.

  • Measurement technique: Stylus profilometry,
  • Measurement capability: Two-dimensional surface profile measurements,
  • Sample viewing: 640 x 480-pixel (1/3in.-format) camera, USB,
    • fixed magnification: 2.6mm FOV (166X with 17in. monitor),
    • manual zoom: variable 0.67 to 4.29mm (644X to 100X with 17in. monitor).
  • Stylus sensor: Low-Inertia Sensor (LIS 3)
  • Stylus force: 0.03 to 15mg (N-Lite sensor)
  • Stylus radius: 12.5μm and 2.5μm
  • Sample stage: Manual X/Y/Θ, 100 x 100mm X-Y translation, 360° rotation, 150mm (6in.) travel,1μm repeatability, 0.5μm resolution
  • Software: Dektak software running under Windows XP, Step Detection software (std.), Stress Measurement software, 3D Vision analysis software.
  • Performance:
    • Scan length range: 55mm (2.16in.) 
    • Data points per scan: 60,000 maximum
    • Max. sample thickness: Up to 100mm (4in.)
    • Max. wafer size: 150mm (6in.)
    • Step height repeatability: 6Å, 1 sigma on 0.1μm step
    • Vertical range: 1mm (0.039in.)
    • Vertical resolution: 1Å max. (at 6.55μm range)
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Profiler Dektak 150
CLR - 131
Dektak 150
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