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The PlasmaPro®100 Cobra is a modular plasma processing etch tool. The tool uses RF power to create a plasma inside the process chamber. The reactive ionic species generated within the plasma are guided onto the front surface of the wafers. The user can vary the resulting etch process by altering the plasma conditions, the source gas for the plasma, the vacuum pressure, the wafer temperature, and various other parameters.

Process Chamber:

  • Pressure: down to 1·10-6 Torr
  • Equipment:
    • Roughing Pump & Turbo pump with Gas abatement system;
    • Automatic Pressure Control (APC) valve;
    • Process pressure gauge size: 0.1 Torr.

Wafer handling system:

  • Motor-driven arm that moves the wafer between the loadlock and the process chamber;
  • A slit valve between the loadlock and the process chamber.

Lower electrode table:

  • Holder: Quartz clamp with continuous contact;
  • Wafer Size: Ø100x9.5 mm;
  • Temperature control method: Glycol fluid chiller/heater & He wafer back side purge;
  • Temperature control range: 0°C to 70°C.


  • Lower Electrode Generator: 300W;
  • ICP Generator: 3000W;
  • High Conductance Chamber (HCC);
  • Auto Matching Unit (AMU).


  • Separately controlled close-coupled Gas Pod (BOSCH): C4F8, SF6, CHF3, Ar, O2;
  • External Gas Pod: CF4;
  • Vent gas: N2.

End Point Detector:

  • Ocean Optics® variable wavelength spectrometer (200-800nm).
Tool name:
RIE Oxford PP 100 Cobra
CLR - 120
Dry etching
Oxford Instruments
PlasmaPro 100 ICP 300
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