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  • Compatible with all standard Ophir Thermal, BeamTrack, Pyroelectric and Photodiode sensors
  • Large 7" Full Color Touch Display
  • Multilingual interface – English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean
  • Various Displays: Bargraph, Analog Needle, Line Plot, Pulse Chart, Pass/Fail, Position, Stability, and Real Time Statistics
  • Dual Channel Instrument supports Split and Merged Graphical Displays
  • Sophisticated power and energy logging, including logging every pulse at up to 25000Hz with Pyro sensors
  • Math functions: Density, Scale Factor, Normalize against base line, etc. Functions can be mixed together, displayed graphically, and can also be logged
  • Math Channel allows comparison of two measurements
  • Field upgrading of embedded software via USB Flash Drive
  • USB Flash Drive for ample data storage (a)
  • USB and RS232 interfaces with StarLab PC applications and User Commands document
  • LabVIEW driver and COM Object Interface
  • Pulsed Power measurements with Thermopile sensors
  • Low Frequency Power with Photodiode sensors - power measurement based on pulse cycle (for VCSEL)
  • Fast Power (10kHz) logging with Photodiode sensors
  • Exposure measurement (Energy Summing) with Photodiode and Pyroelectric sensors
  • Scalable Analog Output, TTL Output and External Trigger Input
  • Loudspeaker for Audio Warnings
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Centauri Power/Energy Meter block
Centauri Dual Channel meter
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