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The SAF25/50 multifunctional R&D cluster tool is intended for research and development works as well as for feasibility studies and more general academic work in the field of thin film technologies.

The tool is a multifunctional, expandable, modular and flexible system. The tool comprises an input/output chamber with ion gun, central substrate transfer chamber with radial telescopic transport arm and up to 7 deposition chambers. Substrate is positioned horizontally on a holder. Deposition zones are configured for substrate rotation or displacement during upward deposition.

Tool multifunctionality and flexibility is founded on the following key features:

  • Each chamber can operate independently due to individual pumping means, controls and utility connections.
    Deposition chambers and deposition sources are interchangeable.
  • The central transfer chamber prevents process cross-contamination and ensures substrate transfer without venting of the chambers.
  • Various types of deposition sources including sublimation thermal cells, resistive boats, crucibles and sputter magnetrons can be integrated.
  • Twin, single and dual sputter magnetrons can be powered by DC, pulsed DC, MF and RF power supplies.
    Contact and contactless cooling and heating of the substrate is offered.
  • Glove box for substrate loading in inert gas atmosphere and substrate magazine can be added.
  • Preliminary agreed number of blanked-off flanges installed on the chambers allows attaching customized instrumentation and technological accessories.
  • Basic configuration of the pumping system includes turbomolecular and two-stage dry mechanical pumps. 
    The control system can operate in a semi-automatic and manual mode.


  • Substrate: glass, metal, plastic, ceramic,
  • Substrate size: 25 x 25 or 50 x 50 mm,
  • Substrate temperature: - 40 … + 400 oC (depends on the process),
  • Base pressure: 1x 10-7 Torr,
  • Installed power: 50 kW.
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Multifunctional cluster tool SAF
CLR - 118
Thin film deposition
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