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Particle size analyzer LitesizerTM 500

This instrument is designed for characterization of particles in liquid dispersions.

The LitesizerTM 500 can determine particle size, zeta potential and molecular mass by measuring dynamic (DLS), electrophoretic (ELS) and static light scattering (SLS), respectively. It can also measure the sample’s transmittance as well as refractive index.


General specifications

Temp. control range:                                         0–90 °C

Light source:                                         Laser / 40 mW, 658 nm


Particle size specifications

Measuring range:                        0.3 nm – 10 μm* (particle diameter)


     min. conc. (protein)                          0.1 mg/mL (lysozyme)

     min. conc. (polymer)                    1 µg/mL (polystyrene latex)

Accuracy:                         Better than +/-2 % on certified reference material

Repeatability:                   Better than +/-2 % on certified reference material

Minimum sample volume:                                  12 µL

Measurement angles:                                    15°, 90°, 175°


Zeta potential specifications

Measuring range:                                       -600 to +600 mV

Mobility:                                        10-11 m²/V.s to 2 x 10-7 m²/V.s

Size range:                                                 3.8 nm – 100 µm

Sensitivity:                                              1 mg/mL (lysozyme)

Maximum sample concentration:                     40 % w/v

Sample volume:                                                 350 µL

Maximum sample conductivity:                     200 mS/cm


Molecular mass specifications

Measuring range (mass):                           980 Da – 20 MDa

Measuring range (particle size):            up to 40 nm (diameter)

Sensitivity:                                            0.1 mg/mL (lysozyme)

Accuracy:                                                          +/-10 %

Repeatability:                                                     +/-5 %

Measurement angle:                                              90°

Transmittance specifications

Size range:                                                        No limit

Measuring time:                                                   10 s

Minimum sample volume: 15 µL


Refractive index specifications

Measuring range:                                           1.28 to 1.50

Accuracy: +/-0.5 %

Temperature range:                                       0 °C to 90 °C

Wavelength:                                                      658 nm

Minimum sample volume:                                   1 mL

Wetted parts:                                                Quartz, glass


Microviscometer Lovis 2000 M/ME

Lovis 2000 M/ME is a microviscometer based on the Rolling Ball Principle. It is designed for
measuring dynamic, kinematic, relative and intrinsic viscosity of liquids especially
in the low viscosity range.

It is a microviscometer due to the small sample volume required (< 1mL). The
sample is filled into a capillary which is introduced into a temperature controlled
capillary block. This block can be inclined at a variable predefined angle. Varying
the inclination angle permits to extend the measuring range of a capillary and to
submit a sample to different shear rates.



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Particle size analysis/density and viscosity meter/surface potential equipment
Anton Paar
Litesizer 500
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