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Determination of chemical structure and the identification of compounds.

Identification of organic molecules, polymers, and inorganic compounds both in the bulk and in individual particles.

Qualitative analysis of organic and/or inorganic mixed materials.

Determination of inorganic oxides and their valence state.

Imaging and depth profiling to map the distribution of components of a material by utilizing confocal microscope equipment.

Main features:

  • modular design with all versatile Raman technologies
  • automated operation from laser/optics selections, alignment/calibration, XYZ scanning to data mapping


  • deep UV and NIR wavelength range
  • up to 4 integrated multi-line lasers plus port for large external lasers
  • dual beam path for UV and VIS/NIR lasers


  • 500 mm or 750 mm focal length spectrograph
  • high spectral resolution, i.e., FWHM < 0.1 cm-1 @ 633nm
  • high frequency range up to 9000 cm-1 (@ 532nm), useful for photoluminescence for additional benefit
  • low frequency range down to +/- 10 cm-1 with ultra-narrow band notch filters

 Spectroscopy detectors:

  • wide range of spectroscopy detection selection: Peltier and liquid nitrogen cooled detectors
  • CCD detectors; InGaAs array detectors; EMCCs; PMTs


  • confocal microscopes with sub-micron spatial resolution
  • upright or inverted, or dual upright/inverted microscopes
  • wide choice of UV, VIS, and NIR objectives
  • built-in polarizers with automated selection
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Raman spectrometer
Spectroscopy & imaging GmbH
TriVista CRS Confocal Raman Microscope (TR777)
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