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Large Area Spectroscopy

The combination of high efficiency lenses and detectors ensures the highest sensitivity for large area spectroscopy applications; high-resolution spectra acquired in seconds!

• Maximum chemical detectability

• Six channel electron multipliers for maximum dynamic range

• Twin crystal monochromator for maximum X-ray flux

Small Area Spectroscopy

ESCALAB Xi provides fast and precise small area analysis.

• Small feature analysis from greater than 900 µm to 20 µm

• Source-defined analysis from greater than 900 µm to less than 200 µm

• Lens-defined small area down to less than 20 µm

• Software enabled feature selection via real time iris and image control


Fast Parallel Imaging

Parallel imaging produces rapid, high-resolution XPS chemical images.

• Less than 3 µm chemical imaging resolution

• Small area retrospective spectroscopy less than 6 µm

• Signature free detection system

• Imaging of both large and small features

• Single input lens and analyser for imaging and spectroscopy

• Collection of image stacks for quantitative chemical state imaging

• PCA for composition image analysis


Energy Resolution

Excellent energy resolution is achieved with the combination of advanced analyzer design and a twin-crystal microfocusing X-ray monochromator.

• Identification and quantification of individual chemical states

• Resolve overlapping peaks and subtle differences in surface chemistry


Insulator Analysis

Insulating samples are easily analyzed using state-of-the-art charge compensation.

• Automated analysis of insulators

• Excellent performance under all analysis conditions


Depth Profiling

The advanced new ion gun provides high current density even at low beam energy. Auto-tuning of the ion gun ensures optimum crater quality and profiling speed.

• Azimuthal and off-axis sample rotation during profiling

• Full computer control of the ion gun operation modes

• Automated gas handling for etch rate repeatability Angle Resolved XPS

• Software controlled angular resolution ensures optimum repeatability

• Eucentric tilt for constant analysis position regardless of sample thickness

• Direct mechanical drive ensures accuracy and precision of tilt position

• Integrated suite of ARXPS processing tools, including Max-Ent (profile reconstruction) and multilayer thickness calculator


Reflection Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy

Complementary electronic, structural and phase information can be provided using the ESCALAB Xi+ in-lens electron source.

• Hydrogen identification and quantification for polymers and other materials

• Narrow energy spread and an energy range of 0 to 1000 eV Ion


Scattering Spectroscopy

Reversible polarity lens and analyzer power supplies make ISS a standard feature.

• Channel electron multipliers provide maximum dynamic range while avoiding image detector damage


Ultra-violet Photoelectron Spectroscopy

Rapid, high-resolution UPS measurements are possible with the high-flux UV lamp option.

• Excellent electronics stability and low-energy performance required for work-function measurements

• Mu-metal analysis chamber provides optimum magnetic shielding

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XPS – X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
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