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Spin coater is tool for application of a thin film (a few nm to a few um) evenly across the surface of a substrate by coating (casting) a solution of the desired material in a solvent (an "ink") while it is rotating.

Spin coater features:
  • Up to 150 mm substrates (with alignment tool for wafers)
  • Up to 12 kRPM speeds (up to 13 kRPM acceleration) - actual acceleration/max speeds are sample size dependent
  • Chucks for:
    • samples up to 15mm
    • 5 - 25 mm
    • 25 x 75 mm slide adapter
    • 50 - 150 mm chuck
  • Dynamic dispensing system: available for AZ1518, AZ1505 and LOR resists
  • Manual edge bead removal system
  • Multi-step program building using Bluetooth connection and dedicated software (coming soon)
Tool name:
Spin coater Laurell WS650 lithography
CLR - 116
Thin film deposition
Laurell Technologies Corporation
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