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A fully PC controlled SEM with Schottky field emission cathode in combination with gallium focused ion beam (FIB) column and with gas injection system (GIS):

  • Accelerating voltage 200 V to 30 kV
  • Probe current 2 pA to 200 nA
  • Resolution in high vacuum mode 1.2 nm at 30 kV, 4.5 nm at 1 kV
  • Resolution BSE: 2 nm at 30 kV
  • Maximum field of view 6 mm at WD 9 mm, 17 mm at WD 30 mm

 Electron optics working modes:

  • resolution: high-resolution mode
  • depth: sets the column up in a mode that enhances depth of focus
  • field: optimizes the column to provide a large non-distorted field of view
  • gallium liquid metal ion source 0.5 kV to 30 kV
  • probe current 1 pA to 40 nA
  • SEM-FIB angle: 55°

 Chamber Vacuum:

  • high vacuum mode: < 9×10-3 Pa
  • low vacuum mode: 7 – 500 Pa


  • micromanipulator for TEM lamella preparation
  • EDX Oxford X-Max 50 mm2 detector, AZtec software
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SEM/FIB Tescan Lyra
CLR - 124
Electron/Ion microscopy
Lyra 3
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