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View RIGAKU X-Ray diffractometerCharacterizationRIGAKUMiniFlex 600
View ALD SavannahThin film depositionVeecoSavannah S100
View Battery test stationCharacterizationBioLogicVMP3
View Diamond saweBonding and packagingDiamond WireTecDWS 100
View Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)/thermal gravimetry (TG)CharacterizationSETARAMLABSYS Evo
View DIW production systemOther processesMerck MiliporeSuper-Q
View EBL Raith eLINELithographyRaitheLINE Plus
View EDS X-ray anlyzerCharacterizationEDAXEagle III XPL
View EPR SpectrometerSpectroscopyBrukerElexsys-II E500
View FTIR Vertex 80vSpectroscopyBrukerVertex 80v
View Fume hood 110Other processesTerra UniversalDuctless Exhaust Purification Hood
View Fume hood 114Other processesTerra UniversalDuctless Exhaust Purification Hood
View Fume hood 213Other processesTerra UniversalDuctless Exhaust Purification Hood
View Fume hood 414-1Other processesLaborbau Systeme Hemling GmbH & Co. KGTA1800
View Fume hood 414-2Other processesLaborbau Systeme Hemling GmbH & Co. KGTA1800
View Fume hood 514Other processesUAB “LABOCHEMA LT”CFI-V01
View Fume hood 517-1Other processesUAB “LABOCHEMA LT”CFI-V02
View Fume hood 517-2Other processesUAB “LABOCHEMA LT”CFI-V02
View Fume hood 517-3Other processesUAB “LABOCHEMA LT”CFI-V02
View Fume hood 518-1Other processesUAB “LABOCHEMA LT”CFI-V02
View Fume hood 518-2Other processesUAB “LABOCHEMA LT”CFI-V02
View Fume hood 518-3Other processesUAB “LABOCHEMA LT”CFI-V02
View Fume hood 520Other processesUAB “LABOCHEMA LT”Purair P5-36-XT(RX)
View Fume hood 521Other processesUAB “LABOCHEMA LT”CFI-V01
View Gas sorption analysis systemCharacterizationHy-EnergyLLC PCTPro-2000 with mass spectrometer RGAPro-100
View Glove box 2Other processesM. Braun Inertgas-Systeme GmbHEASYlab workstation
View Glove box 3Other processesMbraunUnilab Pro Eco 3 gloves
View Glove box 4Other processesMbraunUnilab Pro Eco 4 gloves
View Hall measurement system 5000CharacterizationEcopiaHMS-5000
View Heating thermostatThermal processesLaudaECO E 10 S
View High temperature tube furnace. NR.7Thermal processesCarbolite GeroHTRH/HTRV
View High-temperature furnace 1300 C NR.5.Thermal processesNaberthermL 9/13
View High-temperature furnace 1400 C NR.1.Thermal processesNaberthermLHTC 08/14
View High-temperature furnace 1600 C NR.3.Thermal processesNaberthermLHT 08/16
View High-temperature furnace 1800 C NR.6.Thermal processesNabertherm LHT 08/18
View High-temperature furnace 300 C NR.4.Thermal processesNaberthermTR 60
View HMDS prime ovenCleaning and surface preparationYield Engineering Systems YES-310TAE
View Ink-Jet Dimatix Materials PrinterThin film depositionFujifilmDimatix Materials Printer DMP-2850
View Lab SupportOther processesISSP ULVirtual
View Laser Ekpsla NL kHzLasersEksplaNL202
View Laser Ekspla NT ns tunableLasersEksplaNT 342/3UV
View Laser Ekspla PL kHz ps tunableLasersEksplaPL2210A-1k-SH-TH+PG403-SH #PLD263+PG269
View Laser Ekspla PL ps tunableLasersEksplaPL 2143A/Pre-T; PG 401/SH; HMPL/TH
View Laser Ekspla SL ps powerfulLasersEksplaSL 312
View Laser excimer EX10ALasersGam Laser, Inc.EX10A
View Laser writer Heidelberg µPGLithographyHeidelberg InstrumentsµPG 101
View Lexsyg TL/OSL ReaderCharacterizationFreiberg instrumentsLexsygresearch LMS
View LIMS Training Other processesISSP ULCLR
View Mask aligner Suss MA6LithographySuss MicrotecMA/BA6 Gen4
View Mass-spectrometer portableSpectroscopyAmatecDycor LC-D
View Microwave Synthesis System SynthWAVEThermal processesMilestone SrlSynthWAVE T660
View Mixer ThinkyOther processesThinky CorporationMixer ARE 250
View Multifunctional cluster tool SAFThin film depositionSidrabeSAF25/50
View NanoindenterCharacterizationAgilentG200
View Optical microscope Nikon 150CharacterizationNikonEclipse LV150N
View Optical microscope Nikon CiCharacterizationNikonEclipse Ci-Pol
View Optically detected magnetic resonance spectrometer (ODMR)SpectroscopyOxford InstrumentsSM4000-8
View Particle size analysis equipmentCharacterizationAnton PaarLitesizer 500
View pH Meter/ConductometerCharacterizationMetrohm914 pH Meter/Conductometer
View Photoluminesence Spectrometer FLS1000SpectroscopyEdinburgh InstrumentsFLS1000-DD-stm
View Planetary MillOther processesFritschPulverisette 5
View Plasma asher TeplaCleaning and surface preparationPVA TePla AGGIGAbatch 360M
View Potentiostat – Galvanostat AutolabCharacterizationMetrohm Autolab PGSTAT302N
View Probe Station MPS 150Bonding and packagingForm FactorMPS 1500
View Profiler Dektak 150CharacterizationVeecoDektak 150
View Profiler Zygo 7100CharacterizationZygoNewview 7100
View Pulsed Laser Deposition Thin film depositionTwente Solid State Technology1
View Raman spectrometerSpectroscopySpectroscopy & imaging GmbHTriVista CRS Confocal Raman Microscope (TR777)
View Sample preparation system for SEMOther processesBuehlerMetaServ 250
View Scanning probe microscope (table top)Electron/Ion microscopyVeecoCP-II
View SEM Phenom ProElectron/Ion microscopyPhenom-WorldPhenom Pro
View SEM/FIB Tescan LyraElectron/Ion microscopyTescanLyra 3
View Spectral ellipsometer Woollam RC2 – XI CharacterizationJ. A. Woollam Co., Inc.RC2 – XI
View Spectrophotometer Cary 7000SpectroscopyAgilentCary 7000 Universal Measurement Spectrophotometer
View Spin coater Laurell WS650Thin film depositionLaurellWS-650SX-6NPP/LITE
View Spin coater Laurell WS650 lithographyThin film depositionLaurell Technologies CorporationWS-650Mz-23NPPB/UD3
View TEM Fei TecnaiElectron/Ion microscopyFeiTecnai
View Test tool 1CharacterizationISSP ULA
View Test tool 2LithographyISSP ULTest
View Thermal evaporator EdwardsThin film depositionEdwardsAuto 306
View Thermogravimetric analyserCharacterizationShimadzu Corp.DTG-60
View Ultrasonic cleaning unitWet chemistryElmaElmasonic S 120 (H)
View Universal Centrifuge Wet chemistryHERMLEZ 306
View UV/Ozone cleaner NovascanBonding and packagingNovascan TechnologiesPSDP-UV8T
View Vacuum Drying OvenThermal processesSHANGHAI YUANHUAI INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.DZF-6020
View WaterbathWet chemistryMEMMERTWNB 10
View Wire bonder F&SBonding and packagingF&S Bondtec53xx BDA
View XPS – X-ray photoelectron spectroscopySpectroscopyThermoFisherESCALAB Xi
View XRD X'Pert PROCharacterizationPANalyticalX'Pert Pro Powder
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